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About Our Company

The word 'Kalou' (pronounced ka-loo) is a Fijian word which denotes something superlative (which means highest quality or degree) great or marvellous. The root meaning is that of wonder and astonishment which is what the models at Kalou Models represent. It is an innovative and diverse agency for men, women and children. We specialize in modelling (runway / photographic), promotional work and training. Kalou Models particularly prides itself on representing a strong multicultural and diverse talent. We are not afraid to push boundaries, take risks and break moulds. Our interest is in creating further opportunities to showcase amazing talent in the way of events, print, social media and networking prospects.

Owner / Director Sarika Young, comes from an artistic performing arts background which is evident in the ethos and direction that Kalou stands by and promotes. As a professional model, choreographer and runway teacher herself, she has a great first hand understanding of the industry through her many years of personal experience. With a great management team on board they are great achievers in supporting our models and clients to a high degree. We are also proud to announce that we are associated and have a strong relationship with acting agency AAA talent agency which caters for all acting needs and requirements representing some of the finest actors and performing artists in Australia All these things provide a great point of difference and assurance in quality and professionalism for businesses wanting to collaborate and models joining Kalou or undertaking one of our professional training courses.

What We Do


To all the fashion show producers, planners, managers and coordinators. Share with us your secret weapons and tell us stories from your experience. We are ready to listen.


From idea or a concept to providing the models that bring your campaign to life.


Get connected with professionals and attend events with the Kalou Model Management team.


Our specialist staff engage with a high degree of confidence and tailored individuality to present a unique and professional experience.


No matter where, when, or what length of time, we will provide you with what you need to execute your marketing programs successfully.


Have you dreamed about becoming a model? Or maybe you just want the confidence and self-esteem that can lead to a lifetime of success.